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The Laterals: Anna Konkle & Maya Erskine

In all reality, no one really wants to revisit the experiences of middle school; those awkward and uncomfortable moments of puberty, hormones and simply navigating what it means to enter the teenage, or rather “tweenage,” world. Yet, that’s exactly what Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine are doing—literally. (Read more…)

The Laterals: Jamie Nuemann

To say Jamie Neumann is an actor wouldn’t be enough—an artist of her craft, film and video, would be more accurate. The New Orleans native currently stars in HBO’s The Deuce alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco, but her work goes so much more beyond just that. Between her work on the drama, writing and starring in her own short films and participating in a brass band, the actor discusses her role on The Deuce, where she finds her inspiration, and what’s next on her journey. (Read more…)



The Laterals: Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson is a force to be reckoned with. With her role as Maid Marian in the upcoming remake of Robin Hood as well as her work as Franny Winters in indie film Paper Year, she’s proving to Hollywood and everyone watching that it’s only the beginning. From realizing she wanted to be an actress to filming a short film directed by friend, Dakota Fanning, Hewson takes a deep dive into the variety of work she’s done and what it means to express herself in film and on social media. (Read more…)